Online MBA Program Highlights

ACSBP Accredited Online MBA Program  Western Association of Schools & Colleges

Online MBA Program Highlights

“My experience at Redlands … exceeded my expectations and proved to be the best decision for my educational and career path. At the core of the MBA program was the critical-thinking process, and every instructor strived to bring out the best in each of the students. Whatever business venture I experience next and thereafter, my future is brighter, as I have the foundation of a great educational experience from a renowned learning institution in my pocket.”

Alyssa Colt Alderman
Human Resources Manager
2015 Graduate

Redlands understands work-life balance.

The online MBA program consists of a unique peer group that includes male and female students from all walks of life. In addition, many of our online MBA students are professionals balancing their careers with their personal lives:

  • 56% of our online MBA students are married, and 63% have children.
  • Many are middle managers wanting to advance their careers.

As a result, Redlands has made sure our online MBA degree program is convenient and allows you to balance your personal and professional lives.

An Online Redlands MBA makes you a specialist.

The University of Redlands Online MBA allows you to customize your degree by choosing one of two concentrations: Finance or Marketing. If you do not want to choose a specialty, you can opt for a General Business pathway. Once you select a concentration, you will immerse yourself in four specialized courses focused solely around that concentration.

Finance — Learn to analyze the financial markets, understand internal and external business structures, and evaluate risk and return in a global context. You’ll design, analyze and evaluate portfolios using principles such as diversification, state-of-the-art portfolio theory and asset allocation.

Marketing — Focus on emphasizing the customer, learn how to operate and understand marketing scenarios in a global marketplace, and gain insight into different markets using strategic analysis. You’ll design a marketing plan analyzing your chosen environment and demonstrate your understanding of advertising principles.

Redlands believes in real results.

Regardless of the path you choose, your studies result in a capstone course. The capstone course is designed to put your coursework knowledge and skills to the test. You’ll be placed in a simulation focused on teamwork, critical thinking and providing viable solutions to problems in a business setting.

You can leverage your experience in the capstone course to provide employers with a concrete example of how you applied your academic knowledge to solve real-world problems.