Online MBA Program

Online MBA Program

University of Redlands Online MBA Fast Facts

  • Program completion in as few as 24 months or less, depending on previous education experience
  • Eight-week terms
  • Transfer up to two courses
  • Cost per credit hour — $830
  • 12 credits — Foundational Business Knowledge, 16 credits — General Business Knowledge, 16 credits — Emphasis, 4 credits — Capstone
  • ACBSP accredited

An Individual Degree, A Communal Experience

The University of Redlands Online MBA (Online Master of Business Administration) focuses on students gaining the business fundamentals needed to succeed in an ever-changing, technology-based world. Open to students regardless of their business experience, Redlands focuses on four important areas:

  • Gaining functional business knowledge
  • Mastering communication in leadership and teamwork situations
  • Analyzing business problems from different perspectives
  • Pursuing the ethical framework of business decisions

Individuals begin the program with three courses that focus on business fundamentals. Students with an undergraduate degree in business or related field may be eligible to waive these courses. After the first three courses, you’ll continue through an 18-month program designed to build your business savvy and real-world skills.

As a private institution, Redlands is able to offer an online MBA program that provides individualized attention within a communal setting. For example, you’ll tailor your degree based on one of three concentrations:

General Business

Courses are taken at your own pace and convenience. At the same time, you’ll join an active learning community with other professionals in your peer group. You’ll interact through online discussions and learn through a variety of methods, including teamwork-focused classes. You’ll be evaluated in a myriad of ways, including oral and written exams.

The program culminates in an interdisciplinary capstone course that immerses you in realistic simulations that tackle the complexity of business decision-making. You’ll use prior knowledge from other courses, as well as teamwork and critical thinking skills, to execute tangible business strategies and solve the problem at hand.