Online MBA Program

Online MBA Program

An Individual Degree, A Communal Experience

The University of Redlands Online MBA (Online Master of Business Administration) focuses on students gaining the business fundamentals needed to succeed in an ever-changing, technology-based world. Open to students regardless of their business experience, Redlands focuses on four important areas:

  • Gaining functional business knowledge
  • Mastering communication in leadership and teamwork situations
  • Analyzing business problems from different perspectives
  • Pursuing the ethical framework of business decisions

Individuals begin the program with three courses that focus on business fundamentals. Students with an undergraduate degree in business or related field may be eligible to waive these courses. After the first three courses, you’ll continue through an 18-month program designed to build your business savvy and real-world skills.

As a private institution, Redlands is able to offer an online MBA program that provides individualized attention within a communal setting. For example, you’ll tailor your degree based on one of three concentrations:

  • General Business
  • Finance
  • Marketing

Courses are taken at your own pace and convenience. At the same time, you’ll join an active learning community with other professionals in your peer group. You’ll interact through online discussions and learn through a variety of methods, including teamwork-focused classes. You’ll be evaluated in a myriad of ways, including oral and written exams.

The program culminates in an interdisciplinary capstone course that immerses you in realistic simulations that tackle the complexity of business decision-making. You’ll use prior knowledge from other courses, as well as teamwork and critical thinking skills, to execute tangible business strategies and solve the problem at hand.

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University of Redlands Online MBA Fast Facts

  • 48 credit hours for non-business majors, 36 for business majors
  • Two years for non-business majors, 1 1/2 years for business majors
  • Cost per credit hour — $830
  • 12 credits — Foundational Business Knowledge, 16 credits — General Business Knowledge, 16 credits — Emphasis, 4 credits — Capstone
  • Transfer up to six credits for two courses
  • 12 terms (non-business majors), Nine terms (business majors)
  • Eight-week terms
  • Six start dates per year

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Online MBA Program Highlights

Redlands understands work-life balance.

The online MBA program consists of a unique peer group that includes male and female students from all walks of life. In addition, many of our online MBA students are professionals balancing their careers with their personal lives:

  • 56% of our online MBA students are married, and 63% have children.
  • Many are middle managers wanting to advance their careers.

As a result, Redlands has made sure our online MBA degree program is convenient and allows you to balance your personal and professional lives.

An Online Redlands MBA makes you a specialist.

The University of Redlands Online MBA allows you to customize your degree by choosing one of two concentrations: Finance or Marketing. If you do not want to choose a specialty, you can opt for a General Business pathway. Once you select a concentration, you will immerse yourself in four specialized courses focused solely around that concentration.

Finance — Learn to analyze the financial markets, understand internal and external business structures, and evaluate risk and return in a global context. You’ll design, analyze and evaluate portfolios using principles such as diversification, state-of-the-art portfolio theory and asset allocation.

Marketing — Focus on emphasizing the customer, learn how to operate and understand marketing scenarios in a global marketplace, and gain insight into different markets using strategic analysis. You’ll design a marketing plan analyzing your chosen environment and demonstrate your understanding of advertising principles.

Redlands believes in real results.

Regardless of the path you choose, your studies result in a capstone course. The capstone course is designed to put your coursework knowledge and skills to the test. You’ll be placed in a simulation focused on teamwork, critical thinking and providing viable solutions to problems in a business setting.

You can leverage your experience in the capstone course to provide employers with a concrete example of how you applied your academic knowledge to solve real-world problems.

“My experience at Redlands … exceeded my expectations and proved to be the best decision for my educational and career path. At the core of the MBA program was the critical-thinking process, and every instructor strived to bring out the best in each of the students. Whatever business venture I experience next and thereafter, my future is brighter, as I have the foundation of a great educational experience from a renowned learning institution in my pocket.”

Alyssa Colt Alderman
Human Resources Manager
2015 Graduate

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Online MBA Admissions

To enter the online MBA program, individuals must:

  • Complete the application form, including essays
  • Provide official transcripts reflecting their undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited institution
  • Provide a current resume
  • Supply other information to sup­port an application, such as GMAT or other test scores, life and work experiences, interviews, and letters of recommendation

International Students must provide:

  • Coursework evaluation by the Interna­tional Education Research Foundation (IERF) or WES; you must request an official “detail report”
  • Certificate of finances
  • Scan of passport
  • TOEFL scores
  • Please note that University of Redlands does not provide Form I-20s

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Online MBA Tuition

The MBA program is $830 per credit hour. Depending on whether you are a student with an undergraduate degree in business or a student with an undergraduate degree in another field, the program tuition will be $29,880 for the 36-credit program and $39,840 for the 48-credit program.

To learn more about financing your postgraduate degree at Redlands, visit our Financial Aid page.

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Online MBA Curriculum

Business Foundation Knowledge Courses

BUAD 658 Accounting and Finance for Managers (4 credits)

Focus is on the role of accounting and finance in managerial decision-making. This course explores how managers access capital, invest in resources, budget operations and report economic events.

BUAD 642 International Business and Marketing (4 credits)

Examination of developments within international markets and the effects on the activities of business enterprises. Introduction to the four elements of the marketing mix (product, price, promotion and place/distribution) in a global context with application to product and service within for-profit and non-for-profit enterprises.

BUAD 644 Business Statistics and Economics (4 credits)

Introduction of statistical methods and economics essential for business decision-making. Focus is on providing a solid background in statistical methods useful in data interpretation as well as  micro- and macroeconomic foundations influencing business decision-making.

General Business Knowledge Courses

MGMT 667 Business, Ethics and Society (4 credits)

Examination of the ethical, legal and social environment of business and its impact on managerial decision-making.

MGMT 631 Management and Organizational Behavior (4 credits)

Topics include: managing individual performance, team and intergroup dynamics, leadership, human resource management, organizational design, decision-making, and management of change.

BUAD 683 Information and Knowledge Management (4 credits)

Survey of information systems principles emphasizing the strategic role of information systems in business and global and interactive aspects of information systems.

MGMT 651 Analytics for Managerial Decision-Making (4 credits)

Provides students with an understanding of the role analytics plays in the decision-making process. Topics include: quantitative methods of managerial decision-making such as linear programming (LP), network models, transportation, assignment, transshipment, project management (PERT/CPM), inventory management, simulation, decision theory, forecasting, and supply chain management.

General Emphasis Courses

INTB 655W Global Environment for Business (4 credits)

Exploration of the theoretical and practical concepts of geopolitical and economic relations to evaluate the effects of globalization on business. Focus is on evaluating and formulating strategic responses to diverse political, economic and social factors regarding the risks they present for international trade and investment, resource allocation decisions, and organizational structures. This course may be substituted with INTB 670 International Area Studies (Study Abroad).

BUAD 660 Managerial Finance (4 credits)

An overview of financial management tools used in analyzing and developing strategies for making business decisions. Topics include: time value of money, bond and stock valuation, risk and return, capital budgeting, capital structure and dividend policy, working capital management, and options and their applications in corporate finance.

MGMT 680/680W Marketing Management (4 credits)

Exploration of crucial aspects of marketing with emphasis on the customer and the marketing mix. Development of analytical and critical-thinking skills through case study. Design and assessment of a basic marketing plan.

MGMT 674 Human Resources Management (4 credits)

Study and critical analysis of theory and practice of the human resource/personnel function in modern, complex organizations. Includes topics such as personnel policies, workforce diversity, HR practices, employee discipline, health and safety, and collective bargaining. Addresses goals of equity, efficiency and effectiveness in a diverse environment.

Finance Emphasis Courses

FINC 661W Financial Markets and Institutions (4 credits)

Analysis of the role of money/capital markets and financial institutions in the allocation of capital in the economy. Depository and nondepository financial institutions are examined with special attention given to the evolution and regulation of such institutions.

BUAD 660 Managerial Finance (4 credits)

An overview of financial management tools used in analyzing and developing strategies for making business decisions. Topics include: time value of money, bond and stock valuation, risk and return, capital budgeting, capital structure and dividend policy, working capital management, and options and their applications in corporate finance.

INTB 693W Global Finance (4 credits)

Study and application of finance in the global arena. Focus on how financial strategies, risk, tools, investments, theories and institutions work in a global context. This course may be substituted with INTB 670 International Area Studies (Study Abroad).

FINC 662W Investment Theory and Analysis (4 credits)

Examination of theoretical framework for investments and portfolio analysis. Focus is on development of investment objectives and evaluation of risk-return trade-off leading up to optimal portfolio selection and management.

Marketing Emphasis Courses

MGMT 680/680W Marketing Management (4 credits)

Exploration of crucial aspects of marketing with emphasis on the customer and the marketing mix. Development of analytical and critical-thinking skills through case study. Design and assessment of a basic marketing plan.

INTB 694W Global Marketing

Exploration and application of marketing concepts to the demands and conditions of the global marketplace. Critical evaluation of marketing challenges presented by the increased exposure of individuals, businesses and governments to international market forces.

MGMT 683W Marketing Analytics (4 credits)

Examination of the strategic planning process with emphasis on resource allocation decisions driven by marketing analytics. Focus is on the use of quantitative and data analysis tools to define optimal marketing mix, perform effective analysis of customers and digital marketing campaigns, as well as integrate spatial thinking in decision making.

MGMT 693W Marketing Strategy (4 credits)

Marketing strategy integrates marketing and other functional areas within a firm. It guides organizations on how to use resources and capabilities to maximize long-term customer value and generate the greatest financial return.

All courses end with the capstone course:

Interdisciplinary Integrating Capstone

BUAD 696W Interdisciplinary Integrating Capstone (4 credits)

This capstone course integrates knowledge and skills from prior coursework to analyze and solve business problems from strategic and functional perspectives.

Students work in an experimental and adaptive learning environment of dynamic simulation to experience the complexity of business decision-making. The simulative decision-making focuses on teamwork and critical thinking in collaborative development and execution of strategic plans.

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Online MBA Concentrations

  • General Business
  • Finance
  • Marketing

Careers & Outcomes

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, individuals with a master’s degree earn $12,000 more annually than bachelor’s degree holders annually. rates University of Redlands among the Top 23% Best Universities by Salary Potential.

An MBA, especially with the University of Redlands' three unique concentrations, can give you a wide range of career options. Jobs for individuals with an online MBA include:

  • Logisticians — average salary of $80,000 per year
  • Market research managers and analysts — average salary of $90,000 per year
  • Financial managers — average salary of $110,000 per year

When you graduate with an online MBA from the University of Redlands, you’re graduating with more than a degree. You become part of an alumni network that has more than 50,000 individuals who could be potential career connections — or maybe your next employer.

"The University of Redlands was at the top of my list for my graduate studies as a result of the positive feedback provided to me by peers who were alumni. The School of Business offered me incredible, life-altering opportunities to prove myself as a leader, a professional, a business scholar, a world traveler and a father. The online MBA program, thanks to a series of amazing professors, imparted knowledge that has enabled me to lead process improvement initiatives in my career. Applying to the University of Redlands School of Business Online MBA program was easily one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

Adrian Segura
Class of 2016

A Selection of Current Employment of MBA Graduates:

VP & Chief Procurement Officer ('93)

Sales Manager ('01)
Bernell Hydraulics, Inc.

Systems Engineer ('06)

President-CEO ('89)
Cynergy Partners, Inc.

Executive Director, Consumer Marketing & Experience ('08)

IT Project Manager ('07)
Port of Long Beach

Founder ('10)
The Treatment Specialist Marketing Hub

Senior Vice President - Western Region Talent Development ('93)
Lee Hecht Harrison

Recruitment Director North America ('97)

Recruiting Manager ('16)
Alliance Resource Group

Manager, Industrial Engineering ('11)
Disneyland Resort

CEO ('95)
Cabrillo Credit Union

Security Specialist Commercial West (ST6) ('09)
World Wide Technology

Senior Director ('13)
Toyota Motor Sales

SFC Sergeant First Class ('15)
California State Military Reserve

Vice President, Regional Operations ('07)

Founder and CEO ('06)
Enformatica, Inc.

Senior Content Marketing Manager ('08)

Chief Information Officer ('96)
Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation

Purchasing Manager ('12)
Pardee Homes

Manager, Advertising and Partnership Marketing ('13)
Crystal Cruises

Solutions Engineer ('95)

VP of Sales ('95)
Savant Systems

Technical Recruiter ('15)
NTT DATA Americas

Sales Executive ('11)

Director, Kia University ('99)
Kia Motors America

AVP, Compliance Officer ('14)
Hanmi Bank

HR Business Partner ('11)

Senior Strategic Sourcing Manager ('04)
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Director of Marketing ('06)
California Baptist University

Business Intelligence ('14)
Loma Linda University Health

Vice President, R&D and Program Management ('91)
ACIST Medical Systems

Interim Chief Executive Officer ('06)
Trego County Lemke Memorial Hospital

Partner Executive ('10)
NetIQ | Novell | SUSE

Director of Sales ('08)

Director of Communications ('05)
L.A. Care Health Plan

Senior Account Manager ('02)
Pyramid Consulting

Director of Global Strategic Sourcing ('12)
Ultra Solutions

Director of Sales ('07)

Sr Marketing Manager, US Marketing ('11)

Sr. Director Sales Planning ('95)
The Wonderful Company

Project Coordinator ('03)
City of Riverside

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