Career Options for Master’s in Education, Learning and Teaching Grads

Career Options for Master’s in Education, Learning and Teaching Grads
Career Options for Master’s in Education, Learning and Teaching Grads

Are you seeking a long-lasting and rewarding teaching career in California? A master’s in learning and teaching degree with education specialist preliminary teaching credential offers a direct path. Of all the options for advanced degrees in education, it’s the clear choice for teachers who want to continue working with youth. The degree helps educators cultivate expertise and expand their career opportunities in the field of special education.

About the Master’s in Learning and Teaching, Education Specialist Degree

Graduate degree programs in instruction focus on educational theory and practical skills. Candidates study a specialization area, such as special or primary education, and may also train in a single subject. Many programs include opportunities to gain hands-on experience in teaching.

The University of Redlands online master’s in learning and teaching, education specialist degree builds a strong foundation in instruction and special education. Redlands enables students to work towards a master’s degree while preparing to meet the requirements of California’s special education teaching credential.

The Master of Arts in Education, Learning and Teaching (MALT) with an Education Specialist credential (EDSP) prepares students to teach mild to moderate disability special education students with autism spectrum disorders in K–12 settings through age 22. Candidates engage in curriculum design related to their subject areas and grade levels and learn new approaches to respond to the complexities of teaching in the 21st century. Our underlying philosophy derives from social justice principles; all of the work you will do as a student is informed by these perspectives. Students also participate in supervised teaching experiences. As graduates, teachers are prepared to serve diverse learners in a variety of capacities.

5 Careers for Master’s in Learning and Teaching Grads

Earning an advanced degree in education can lead to several fulfilling careers. Schools, educational agencies, and human service organizations will always need qualified educators. Opportunities are particularly rich for those who’ve earned a master’s in learning and teaching with a California credential in special education. The following five careers empower graduates to make an impact by providing accessible, high-quality education to all learners.

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1. Special Education Teacher

There’s a tremendous need for qualified special education teachers in California. Eighty percent of schools are unable to employ a sufficient number. At the same time, expected retirements will add to statewide shortages. Educators who hold a master’s in learning and teaching can become certified to fill this in-demand role. Special education teachers support children with a range of disabilities. In collaboration with school administrators and families, they instruct, assess, and monitor students based on their unique needs. Both public and private schools employ special education teachers to work with children in a classroom, small groups, or one-to-one. As of May 2018, special education teachers in California earned an average salary of approximately $72,000.

2. Education Specialist

Teachers who’ve earned a master’s in learning and teaching with a California credential in special education can also become an Education Specialist. They conduct educational assessments related to a student’s access to the academic core curriculum. Individuals in this role also assess a student’s progress towards meeting instructional academic goals. In addition, Education Specialists provide instruction as well as special education support in certain specialty areas, including visual impairments, language and academic development, and mild to moderate disabilities. Education Specialists are employed in a variety of settings, from schools to state hospitals and development centers. The salary varies by setting. On average, Education Specialists earn $49,827 nationwide.

3. Teaching English Learners

In the Golden State, teachers who hold the Education Specialist Preliminary Teaching Credential can teach English learners. They provide instruction for English language development and specially designed academic instruction in English within the subject area and grade level authorization of their credential. Educators may teach English learners as part of their role as a Special Education Teacher. It’s also possible to work as an English Language Special Education Teacher.

4. Teaching Learners with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Master’s in learning and teaching programs that include content on autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can prepare educators to provide autism instructional services. Learners with ASD face social, communication, and behavioral challenges that range in severity. Qualified educators are equipped to support these students within the specialty area of their Education Specialist Preliminary Teaching Credential.

5. Education Program Manager

Outside of schools, a master’s in learning and teaching can lead to a career as an Education Program Manager. In California, the role may require additional certifications beyond the Education Specialist Preliminary Teaching Credential. Human service organizations and educational agencies need individuals who are qualified to design and implement special education programs. Education Program Managers oversee all of the components. They create curriculum, organize delivery, ensure compliance, and supervise instructors. Combined experience in special education and project management is a necessity. Education Program Managers in the Los Angeles area can expect to earn an average salary of $55,927.

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